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Logo & Stationary Design

First impressions are everything and your logo is typically the first representation of who you are. As such, making sure that your logo is not only attractive but also professional is key to successful branding and subsequent business. Make sure that your branding is consistent throughout your business, from your storefront or van signage, through to your letterheads and business cards. Poor branding can leave a marked impression on a potential customer, and that is why UK Logo Design take creating the initial branding for a company so seriously.

Logo Design

At UK Logo Design we offer a unique and custom logo design service to our clients. You are involved in every step of the process and will have a dedicated project manager to answer any question you may have. Our design process is meticulous and comprehensive, thus giving you the ability to create a logo that is in line with your business and branding:

1) Filling out a small briefing page is the initial step to creating a great logo. This page will allow you to tell us about your business, target market, slogan (if you have one), potential colours, or any other information that might be useful during the design process.

2) Our designer will then analyse the information provided, brainstorm ideas and start coming up with some logo concepts.

3) 48 hours later we will present you with your logo concepts (usually through email). Your project manager will also make a follow up phone call to answer any questions that you may have and also take note of any feedback.

4) You will then choose an initial concept that you are happy with to move forward into the the revision stage. This is where we take the logo that you have selected and fine tune it. We make tweaks to factors like the shape, colour, fonts, etc. We work on the logo until you are 100% satisfied with your logo design.

5) Once your logo is finalized and you have signed off on the designs, we send you all the files in print or online ready formats ready for you to start incorporating it into your business. If requested we also start working on the business card and stationery designs using the design that you have selected. We follow everything up on the phone to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the service you have received.

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Stationery Design

We can create a fully branded identity for a business, either by using an existing logo or by creating brand new designs. We make sure that when you hand over your business card it is with the utmost confidence in the branding and also the business card design. Although it does not stop there. Take pleasure in sending out invoices on professionally designed letterheads, with the same designs and identity as your logo, thus reinforcing your business’ brand!

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